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Your Local Pharmacy – Supporting the local community for 30+ years

Our Services

Here at Your Local Pharmacy we offer a wide range of services from women's, mens & children's health to having your ears pierced or getting your next flu vaccination.

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About Your Local Pharmacy

Your Local Pharmacy owner Rachel is a passionate supporter of her local community.

Rachel knows that locals need to have safe and reliable places to shop, work and get essential services. She has been instrumental in helping the local area to become a thriving success.

This Month's Featured Products

BePure Kids Daily Probiotic

Support for Kids Skin, Gut & Immune Health

GO Healthy Go Vir-Defence

Supports Immune Defences

Fess Little Noses

Saline Nasal Spray

Dermal Therapy Anti-itch Cream & Lotion

Relieves itchy skin in minutes*

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Our pharmacists and staff are great at pointing you in the right direction with a range of advice on things like Babies & Children, Cold and Flu, Digestive Care, Women's Health, Eye Care, First Aid and much more.


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